Partnering with Terry Fox

The Team Finn Foundation has partnered with the Terry Fox Research Institute to financially support the development of a business plan for a Canadian pediatric research initiative called CAN-Omics (CANadian . COnsortiM for Personalized ChIldhood Cancer TherapieS).

The CAN-Omics consortium will deploy the latest sequencing technologies to analyze molecular cancer signatures of young Canadian cancer patients. This is a CANadian consortium led by over 40 pediatric oncology experts from coast to coast.

Under the visionary guidance of the Terry Fox Research Institute, the team will establish a National infrastructure to provide young patients who suffer from “incurable” cancers with personalized treatment options. State of the art tools will be deployed to analyze the individual signature of each patient’s tumour and to guide the clinician’s treatment decision. The results from functional studies will be transferred into new therapies.

Aside from helping to fund the project, the Team Finn Foundation is actively involved in the development of the project and Patrick Sullivan of Team Finn is a member of the writing team helping develop the Business Plan.

This initiative is in the very early stages, but the Hope and Promise it offers is extremely exciting.