Partnering with Dr. Poul Sorensen

Dr._Poul_Sorensen3Team Finn is a huge supporter and believer in the work of Dr. Poul Sorensen, MD, and PhD. Poul holds the Johal Endowed Chair in Childhood Cancer Research and is a Professor in the Department of Pathology at the 
University of British Columbia. He is also a Distinguished Scientist at the BC Cancer Agency.

Poul is an internationally acclaimed scientist. Currently two of the discoveries made in Poul’s lab at the BC Cancer Agency have graduated to the next phase of drug discovery and are being validated at the Canadian Drug Research & Development Lab. Poul plays a leadership role on many international collaborations and is part of the highly prestigious St. Baldrick’s/Stand Up To Cancer Immunogenomics Dream Team (Team Finn is also part of this Dream Team)

Poul’s lab focuses on using genomics and proteomics to identify deregulated signaling cascades in human childhood cancers. Poul focuses on childhood solid tumours since the genomic landscape of these diseases is typically less complex than in adults. Poul’s lab has discovered many novel chromosomal translocation associated genetic alternations in childhood solid tumours. poul-in-Team-Finn-kitThis work has been translated into better diagnostic tools for childhood solid tumours that are used all over the world to accurately diagnose childhood cancers, and to better understand the biology of childhood cancers.

In addition, the work being done in Poul’s lab has critical relevance to adult tumours. For example, one of the group’s findings in infant sarcomas is directly relevant to breast cancer, and has led to novel therapeutic strategies.

With Team Finn’s support, Poul’s lab has the funding and capacity to do the type of scientific research that is going to lead to the type of breakthroughs that will Change the Story for others.

Poul is himself a Finnster and has ridden with us in the Ride to Conquer Cancer since 2010. Our partnership with Poul is the type of partnership that Team Finn wants to foster and grow.