The Boy Who Lived

Finn was born in June of 2005, one minute after his brother Baird and less than three years after his sister Sarah.  From early days Finn was a sweet, rambunctious, serious, active boy.  He came by his love of speed, running, jumping, dancing and singing at an early age and those loves helped him keep his head up and chin forward through some very difficult times.

In February 2007, at around 20 months, Finn was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma.  By the time the tumour was discovered, it was grapefruit sized.  And so Finn’s medical journey began.  A year of chemotherapy.  Over 70 anesthetics.  Numerous surgeries, big and small.  Removal of the tumour.  The introduction of a pee bag.  The colostomy came later.  Unblocking and stenting blocked ureters.  Two months in Boston.  Thirty radiation treatments.  Specialized treatment in Spokane.  There were definite peaks and valleys but through it all Finn kept speeding, running, jumping, dancing and singing, smiling and loving.  Head up and chin forward.

On October 9, 2008, cancer took Finn’s life but it would never take his spirit.

In the way that he lived, while he lived, Finn taught us a lot.  He taught us the importance of the moment and the importance of living.  He taught us the importance of running, jumping , bouncing, dancing, singing, loving, smiling and riding.  Finn wasn’t given the opportunity of a long life, but he took every opportunity he could to live.

Finn’s story is about a boy who loved to live despite the rest.  A boy who ran, jumped, bounced, danced, sang, smiled and loved every chance he got.