One Bead at a Time

SarahWithFinnsCourageBeadsLike all oncology kids, Finn received a courage bead for every treatment he endured. Over time, Finn endured a lot of treatments and consequently earned a lot of courage beads. As a result, Finn’s string of courage beads is impossibly long. Stupidly long. It is just wrong.

Team Finn’s goal is to Change that Story for others; One Bead at A Time

As part of Changing the Story and as part of One Bead at a Time, Team Finn carries an image of courage beads on our jersey. In 2010, we carried 33 courage beads on our shoulder.   And each year since we remove one bead, until one day there will be none.

Finn-Treatment-BeadsOne Bead At A Time is a tribute. A tribute to Finn and others kids affected by cancer.

One Bead At A Time is also a target. A goal. Team Finn participates in events to earn the right to remove those beads and we do it one bead at a time.

One Bead At A Time is a reminder. A reminder that what we are doing is going to take time. Resilience. Determination.

One Bead At A Time is also a reminder that along the way we are making a real difference in the lives of real children. Removing one bead every year from our jersey symbolized the difference we are making. What we are doing to remove those beads matters.