Battles Are About How You Live


On October 9, 2008 Finn’s heart stopped beating and he died.

Finn didn’t pass away or go to sleep, Finn died.

Most importantly, the fact that Finn’s heart stopped beating did not turn him into a “loser of battles”.

Finn’s measure should be taken by how he lived. How he loved. How he seized the day. How he ran and jumped. How he bounced and sang. How he danced and loved. How he smiled and rode. Not only did he do these things with abandon, he did them when it was hard, despite the fact it was hard, because he could and because he wanted to.

A pee bag was only a thing to be dealt with. Tucked in behind him while he rode his little yellow car. Surgeries were something to be shook off when the mood to dance grabbed his soul.

And that is why on our Team Finn jersey, we say loudly and proudly that Battles are About How You Live. Because despite dying too soon, Finn lived well.

Jack Layton didn’t lose a fight: He died of cancer